Alumni Speak

Ms Chalamalla Ikshitha
Erasmus Mundus SARENA Scholarship 2022

I heard about Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and technology while in high school and I immediately knew that was the first step towards my dream. I discovered that courses offered were versatile and tailored for a perfect bachelor’s degree experience. From experiencing cultural shock to meeting some of the best subject experts, it has been a fruitful journey. I spent most of my time doing NTCC projects to gain hands-on practice with various detectors and learnt simulation which paved way to my future goals. Extra-curricular activities were equally encouraged, and club events made me confident. Today, I can definitely say that amity gave a lifetime experience. It shaped my path going forward, opened my horizons, and I feel extremely lucky to have had this chance.

B.Tech NST 2017-2021
Ms. Hemantika Sengar
Erasmus Mundus master’s Scholar

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Marie-Curie Fellowship Programme (MSCFP) for master’s Program (2021-22)

My journey at AINST has been about exploring areas of Nuclear and Reactor Physics. I have met some amazing professors and friends here who have helped me develop a strong base to become a good researcher in future.  Here, I have learnt that knowledge has no limit and that there is more to life than just going to the classrooms and performing experiments. I have learnt a lot in these four years through plenty of internships, coursework, and labs that I have taken. I am going to cherish this knowledge throughout my life.

With a stroke of good luck, I have been selected for many higher education scholarships and a graduate engineering job opportunity in Atkins but as I was sure to devote myself to research, I chose to go with the very prestigious Erasmus Mundus+ Fellowship opportunity to pursue my Masters in Nuclear Science and Technology in Spain, Italy and France. I thank God Almighty for having blessed me with great honour and I would also want to thank AINST, especially my favourite Dr. Alpana Goel and Prof. Tejram who were also my thesis advisor for my success.

Mr. Sharandeet Singh

My personal experience at the department of Amity Institute of Nuclear science and technology has been quite good. The department provided me with a lot of exposure ranging from seminars, conferences which were attended by people in Nuclear Profession all around the globe. This helped me immensely in broadening my horizons and making a lot of contacts that came in very handy. Apart from that, help was given to me for my internship that I did in VECC Kolkata.

My guide and HOI Dr. Alpana Goel always helped me throughout my B.Tech NST degree. With the help of the experience gained, I bagged the very prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

Mr. Saurabh Saini

AINST has provided me a lot exposure through internships, seminars and workshops. This has helped me in many ways. I have made connections with many renowned personals related to nuclear field. My professors as well as my guide Dr. Alpana Goel has supported me throughout my time in Amity University. I have made some strong connections and made some good friends as well.

Mr. Bhamidipati Sandeep

My journey in AINST was very smooth and excellent. In the beginning, I faced some difficulties in adjusting to new environment, but all the AINST faculty were very friendly and supported me well. The professor emeritus in AINST are literally torchbearers from BARC and they teach the subject in an outstanding way. This helps me to gain a solid background in nuclear science concepts. Also, the ambience of Amity campus is lively and exciting. I’m so happy to be associated with AINST.

Mr Abhyuday Sharma
Ccompliance and Support executive (part-time)
Master’s Degree (Pursuing MSc in Physics with major in Astrophysics) at University of Queensland, July 22).

My journey at AINST, Amity University was no short of illuminating. It started with strange people meeting on an orientation day with teachers around us who became a family with Dr. Goel as our family head.

My experience was of a nurturing environment and no hindrance of any sort was there in interaction with faculty, guest lecturers and equal access to opportunities. That atmosphere was so motivating, it taught me to be open and be more approachable. We could always get assistance on any matter, academic or non-academic to such an extent that many professors helped us plan our careers. For me, I found my field of interest on a page of one our course books and received a descriptive counselling session from our faculty for the same. Those four years made me the best version of myself and to this day, being connected to our alma mater is a privilege.

Be open about your interests, and difficulties you face during your journey here because the people present around you while you are at AINST, will help you in the best suited manner. Always respect those who are above you, not just teachers or seniors but even your batchmates who might be ahead of you because you are there to learn, and don’t allow any barrier to be in its way. You will not get this time back, take my word for it, I miss it!!

There is utter wisdom in our scriptures and to quote one line Krishna said: “श्रेष्ठबननेकेबजायउत्तमबननेकाप्रयत्नकरो, क्यूंककश्रेष्ठबननेकाप्रयासकरनेवालाव्यक्तिश्रेष्ठबनेयानबने…उत्तमकभीनहीबनपाता | “

This has stuck with me and in my conscious for a while and I owe to this quote of wisdom my perspective and my approach to my all the aspects of my life. I was privileged to learn from some of the best people at AINST, not just about academics but how to handle and lead a life of an academic.

Thank you for making me a part of AINST…. – To all my professors and friends

B.Tech. 2016-2020
Ms. Abha Sani
Master’s degree Programme, under IAEA MSCFP Scholarship (2022)

I am proud to say that I did my bachelor’s in Nuclear Science and Technology from AINST, Amity University and it is there that I have realized the path for going forward in my career. My HOI, Dr.Alpana Goel and all the faculties that have taught me during the course of four years have been an inspiration to me and contributed immensely to my professional life. They were extremely supportive towards all my interests and have built a very comfortable space for students to excel and flourish in their academics. The exposure and guidance I have received from Amity University has helped time and again in fulfilling my dreams of pursuing research in the nuclear field. I hope more students join AINST in the future and get to have the best learning experience. Currently I am finishing my project work related to Nuclear Fusion Diagnostics at Swiss Plasma Centre – EPFL (Switzerland) as part of my Masters in Nuclear Engineering from IMT ATLANTIQUE – Nantes campus (France). It is with honour that I would like to also say that I am a Marie Curie Fellowship holder from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In addition, I will be joining for my second masters in Nuclear Fusion in France as part of the Erasmus Mundus master’s Scholarship Program. – Abha THAZHATHE PEEDIKA B.Tech.-Nuclear Science and Technology (2016-20)

B.Tech+M.Tech (DD)2014-2019
Ms. Diksha Sharma
Graduate Engineer- Nuclear Plant Safety and Systems in Atkins

My journey at AINST have been one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Year 2014 till 2019 have been the years of great professional, educational, and personal growth.  AINST as an Institute helped each one of us to grow not only in terms of remarkable quality of knowledge but also focused on helping to develop our personality and skills at a personal level.

B.Tech.+M.Tech. (DD) 2013-2018
Mr. Akash Garg
Senior Research Fellow, ITER-India

I would say my 5 years’ experience at AINST been extraordinary.  Can a normal college student just think of having a regular internship at Nuclear Power Plants, Government Research Centre’s or having conversations with India’s top-ranking Scientist?

So this was the kind of exposure I experienced right from my Bachelors to Masters.  I believe to have been blessed with highly qualified and moreover most supporting set of faculty members who always motivated to move forward.  I was one of those lucky fellows to have an international exposure with all due to support of all the members of AINST.  Now, AINST has hooked me up with a rewarding tag of A Nuclear Engineer after graduation.

B.Tech+M.Tech (DD) 2012-2017
Ms. Nilormi Das
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Marie-Curie Fellowship Programme (MSCFP) for master’s Program Scholarship for year 2021-22

The literal meaning of the word “Amity” implies “friendship”. I have had the best friends and friendly relations for life in the Noida campus of Amity University. It has been the best days of my life. The curriculum and the schedule might seem way too hectic, but it has an important significance in building up my knowledge and experience. Being a part of our small but strong AINST family, I feel proud as I have been fortunate enough to be supervised by some of the best faculties who’re expertise in their respective fields. I have received immense support and encouragement throughout especially from Prof. Tejram and I do consider him as my mentor for my lifetime. I am still a traveller on the path of success.

Ups and downs are part and parcel of life. Never ever give up. Giving up is equivalent to death. It might not be the way always you planned but stay determined. It’s better to be an average than to be a failure. Stay firm.

M.Tech 2015-2017
Mr. Rahul
Facility Manager,
SDS Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Manesar, Haryana

My experience at AINST has taught me one fundamental thing that life is unpredictable, and we have to prepare for all of this.  That was a perfect blend of joy and hardship for me.  Another lesson was that learning never ends.  I had a great experience to enhance my knowledge and skills.

B.Tech 2013-2017
Mr. Siddharth Sinha
Junior Research Fellow, NIAS, Bangalore

I had a great learning experience at AINST (&
ASET) not only regarding Nuclear Science but also about general engineering and technology.  The B.Tech.-Nuclear Science and Technology programme comprises of some very fundamental courses which produces a strong foundation for nuclear engineers.  I truly had a great time and learned a lot from the experienced faculty of AINST.

B.Tech. +M.Tech. (DD) 2011-2016
Dr. Samyak Munot
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai

Faculties and Infrastructures in the laboratories provided me the perfect environment to learn and grasp the fundamental. Faculties encouraged me to perform better and helped me in every step.

Perseverance is key to success. If you commit, then leave no stone unturned till you get the desired results. Never be afraid of asking questions. You should always be clear about your logics and fundamentals.

Always keep learning, there is always more to learn. And keep the purest of the intensions.

Mr. Aswin Kumar
Ph.D NTHU, Taiwan
Post Doc. BNL, US

My life in AMITY has taught me to prepare for the unpredictable. It also made me to aim higher and achieve higher standard in life. The entire department of AINST has been a steppingstone for my success. Even after graduating from AMITY the professors and especially the HOD & Director of the department (Dr. Alpana Goel) have provided their valuable inputs and suggestions, whenever its needed.

My suggestion for my fellow Amitians is to “Push beyond your limits”.

Currently I am working as a post-doctorate fellow at National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan).

Further will join Brookhaven National Laboratory, US for post-Doctoral Assignment.

Mr. Ayush Sinha
Research Scientist and Engineer

Aspectech International Development Research Foundation (aIDRF), Mumbai India

I always a dreamt of becoming a Professional Engineer.  After spending four years at Amity University, I had been trained an graduated in B.Tech. Nuclear Science and Technology.  At Amity, I have studied fundamental subjects of Physics (Applied Physics and Quantum Mechanics), Applied Mathematics, Subjects of Mechanics (Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, etc.) along with training in Particle Physics and wide structure course of Nuclear Physics and Engineering for four consecutive years.  All of these core subjects become a base for my future research and higher studies abroad and in India respectively.  Today I have become an experienced Scientist and Engineer due to the kind knowledge, support and guidance from all of my faculties at Amity University.

B.Tech+M.Tech (DD)2009-2014
Mr. Rahul Sharma
Training Manager – HDFC Life, Delhi

I was Sports Captain for all the 5 years of my span as student from year 2009 to 2014 which has helped me in my overall team handling, situation handling, event management, people management skills and helped in my 15attempts for Service Selection Board – Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

I was the cultural head as well, organized many events like freshers’ party, Stage Plays in Dramatics Drama Club, Aerobics, Fests, Amity Youth Festival etc representing AINST institute solely which has developed my overall abilities and helping in my current profile in work and short film making as well for which Dr. HC Goel and Dr. Alpana Goel has given me 100% freedom and independence on decision making for the AINST institute.

Opportunity to work as intern in Rajasthan, Narora Atomic Power Station, IUAC etc between semesters has helped in dealing with people of different ages, groups, companies etc with exposure to learn with them.

As I was the student from first batch since 2009 was the year AINST was born and I am happy I played crucial role in making it a platform for juniors to grow in cultural, sports – Sangathan and of course AINST to be running alongside other bigger institutions in Amity 2009-2014

Amity is a family where you grow as a wholesome individual, a team player, a leader, out spoken, an entrepreneur, a great human being with values, communication skills and as alumni, you feel the pride of being associated with Amity during the studentship and after as well like I am smiling while I recall and remember my Amity Days as I type.

Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh is authorized by Radiological Physics & Advisory Division (RP&AD), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to conduct Radiation Safety Officer Certification Course on “Research, Radiotracer and Column Scanning Applications of Ionizing Radiation.