There are two separate and spacious laboratories for B.Tech and M.Tech students. Well equipped laboratories are an essential component of any technological institution. We have several numbers of Gamma Ray Spectrometer and GM Counting Systems for experimentation by the students.

Most important aspect is that our laboratory is recognized by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) which has authorized us to procure sealed radiation sources. Accordingly we have a large number of :

  • Gamma Sources (133Ba. 57Co, 137Cs, 22Na, 54Mn and 60Co)
  • Beta (90Sr—90Y, 204Tl, 143Pm)
  • Alpha (241Am)

Including semi-circular sources for dead time measuring of GM counting setup.

Advance Nuclear radiation detection and Remote labs at AMITY University, Noida campus :

Amity University Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with the Centre for Nuclear Security Science & Policy Initiative (NSSPI), Texas A & M University (TAMU) USA , establishing a state-of-the-art laboratory which is one of its kind, for education and professional development in nuclear science and nuclear security and safety.

The lab will consist of the equipment, which deal with.

  • Radioisotope identification devices
  • Alpha aria
  • Scintillator (CeBr) and HPGe multiple detectors.
  • Nuclear detector remote lab, which being a unique facility will help students and scholars, to access the instruments to perform nuclear practicals, from their respective institutes.


The computing facility comprises of Intel Pentium processor based HP/IBM machines and servers. The entire network rests on four Firewall (Intranet, Mail, Attachment File & Print) HP and IBM servers. Students and faculty members alike can access the internet throughout the campus with the help of broadband radio link and ISDN link backup. A range of latest subject specific softwares are available to enable the students to work on data analysis, web technologies and also software designing. Efficient intranet facility enables smooth movement of data across departments.


Library plays a very crucial role in supporting the very purpose of its existence, i.e., providing knowledge. Amity University Central Library is one of a kind. The aim of the Central Library is to develop it as a unique library for academics, researchers, faculty, staff and students of Amity University to access digital resource material as well as get books and information related to the curriculum taught in the University.


Within the specially designed amphitheatre style classrooms, the students practice this regime each day.

Computing Facilities

  • The Institute has a state-of-the-art computer centre that provides computing facilities comprising of the latest HP/IBM machines linked to a wide range of software, communication and print services.
  • Internet connectivity through broadband radio link and ISDN line back up.
  • The intranet enables the close on-line interaction between faculty and students.


  • Built to match International standards, the three auditoriums at Amity can seat a total of 1700 people comfortably. These act as common ground for students, faculty and corporate personalities for regular interface and other management events.
  • The fully integrated three Seminar Halls seat a total of 400 people and are equipped with advanced presentation tools for audiovisual interactions


The institute has a technologically advanced wireless campus. The students have access to web-based information from any and every location in the campus


To encourage the overall development of students, Amity offers an Olympic size running track, Basketball court and Football ground and Tennis courts among other facilities. Apart from outdoor sports, Amity also provides indoor sports facilities such as Table Tennis, Billiards and a well-designed modern Gym.


The hostel is built on the same campus as the teaching block and is well-equipped with all modern amenities. Separate blocks are there for boys and girls. The hostel rooms in this can accommodate up to 5000 students.


AIB has a tie-up with major specialty hospitals in the area for providing medical cover in emergencies for our students

Amity has tie-ups with the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Kailash Hospital for handling any emergencies. Students are covered by a comprehensive medical insurance to meet emergencies.

Making a Team Effort :

Military Training :

  • Students have to undergo compulsory Military Camp as a part of their personality development program.
  • During this fully residential program, the students imbibe the value of discipline in life and a spirit of patriotism, commitment and perseverance, by participating in various activities like parasailing, trekking, shooting and many other activities that test their mental and physical agility.

Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh is authorized by Radiological Physics & Advisory Division (RP&AD), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to conduct Radiation Safety Officer Certification Course on “Research, Radiotracer and Column Scanning Applications of Ionizing Radiation.