Head of Institution’s Message

Dr. Alpana Goel

Director & Head

Today the world is facing acute problem of ’Energy security’ and Global warming. Energy requirement is going to swell several folds by 2050. To meet such a requirement alternative sources of energy like nuclear, solar and wind energy are the only viable possibilities. Solar and wind sources are uncertain for availability and, therefore, nuclear energy remains most dependable alternative.

Nuclear Engineering deals with the application of breakdown of atomic nuclei based on the principle of Nuclear Physics. The important aspects of Nuclear Science and Technology include nuclear fission systems like a nuclear reactor and nuclear power plants, and even nuclear weapons. This field also deserves attention towards nuclear safety, heat transport, nuclear fuel, nuclear waste disposal technology, radioactivity in the environment and applications of radiation and radio-isotopes in nuclear medicine (diagnosis) and radiotherapy.

Indian nuclear industry is poised to take a huge stride in the expansion mode adding about 20 GWe in the next 14 years using pressurized water reactors and fast breeder reactors. In view of the present nuclear deal taking shape between India and United States the policy of supply of fissile material by the cartel of suppliers of nuclear fuel to India is opening up. Various players like L&T, BHEL and NPCIL have already signed or are signing agreements with companies like AREVA and ALSTON for providing technical know-how and construction support required to build nuclear power plants.

Nuclear Science and Technology, a wider version of Nuclear Engineering, is a very fertile area which will offer employment to a large number of technically qualified professionals. Let us avail of this opportunity by getting enrolled at Amity University where highly experienced teachers will groom you to be an excellent professional for Nuclear Industry.

Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh is authorized by Radiological Physics & Advisory Division (RP&AD), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to conduct Radiation Safety Officer Certification Course on “Research, Radiotracer and Column Scanning Applications of Ionizing Radiation.