Department`s Initiatives

• Director AINST designated as the World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS), Ambassador.
• Amity University initiated and got approved the candidature of AINST Nuclear Engineering
Students in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Training School Examination for Trainee
Officers in Department of Atomic Energy.
• Department listed on the International Nuclear Security Education Network portal of International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) Vienna.
• Training programs/National Seminar organized in collaboration with laboratories of National importance like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre namely NAARRI and IANCAS.
• DST-SERB School organized at AINST on “Role of Symmetries in Nuclear Physics”.
• Student internships and training at reputed national and international laboratories.
• Workshops/seminars/conferences in collaboration with International universities holding
nuclear engineering programs like TAMU, KCL.
• Institute has MoU with GSI Darmstadt.