Dr. Unnati Gupta

Asst. Professor

Qualifications: Ph. D. (Physics), AMU, Aligarh

Experience: Formerly DST-Women Scientist-A at University of Delhi, CSIR Research Associate at Aligarh Muslim University.

Research Interests:

  • Accelerator based nuclear reactions.
  • Fusion(and/or Incomplete fusion)-fission reactions  -Low energy Incomplete fusion reaction (i.e., 3-7 MeV/A)
  • Fusion extreme sub barrier fusion, Multi nucleon transfer reactions at near barrier energies,
  • Neutron capture reactions at energies, astrophysical interest.


Published 37 journal papers in international journals like Nuclear Physics A, Physics Latter B, Physical Review C, International Journal of Modern Physics E and 100 conference papers in national and international conferences.